The following outlines how we are approaching the Covid-19 infection risks while providing Driver Training. A full Risk Assessment is also available. Please ask.


Identify the hazards: What may cause harm and how

Who is at risk: Identify the people

Assess the risk: What’s the severity & likelihood

Control the risk: Reduce the risk to an acceptable level

Record the findings: Keep a record of the risk assessment

Review the controls: Review and update regularly and after any changes

Covid Plan

There are 7 Control Risk Measures

Control stages to consider during COVID-19 Pandemic


  1. Communicating with the Client before the lesson
  2. Preparing the vehicle 
  3. Face to face meeting before the Client enters the vehicle
  4. Entering the vehicle
  5. The lesson itself
  6. After the lesson
  7. A follow up with the Client

1. Communicating with Client before the lesson


  • If a Client or the Instructor has had any symptoms of the virus within the last 7 days or has been in contact with someone who has within the last 14 days, the lesson will not go ahead.
  • We may message or call before the lesson asking for confirmation of the above.
  • The Client needs to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before the lesson starts.
  • Both the Client and Instructor may need to wear suitable clothing covering arms & legs, also as the vehicle maybe cooler/hotter due to open windows.
  • Both Client and Instructor should use the using Gov tracing app when available.


2. Preparing the vehicle


  • Before each lesson and after last lesson, the vehicle will be cleaned down using anti bac/viral  cleaner or disinfectant.
  • Instructors will wash or sanitise their hands after cleaning and continue to sanitise hands as frequently as possible.
  • A supply of bin bags is kept in the vehicle for tissues/wipes or other hazardous waste etc. To be disposed of using Gov guidelines.
  • The Instructor will, where possible, be using PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) as advised by Gov guidelines.
  • The Client should also, where possible, be using PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) as advised by Gov guidelines.

3. Face to face meeting


  • Initially the Instructor will meet Clients outside of the vehicle.
  • Don’t shake hands, the Instructor will assess that the Client is well enough to continue. If symptoms occur during a lesson, the lesson will finish immediately. The date will be noted for any future Gov Track & Trace requirements.
  • The Instructor will ask if the Client has washed their hands and explain to avoid now touching their face.
  • The Instructor will ex plain to the Client how the vehicle has been sanitised. 
  • The Instructor will explain to the Client about any procedures that apply during the lesson when in the vehicle, if coughing, sneezing etc.
  • Both the Client and Instructor has the option of not proceeding with the lesson if they feel it not safe.
  • Instructor and Client will then talk though lesson plan, weather permitting.

4. Entering the vehicle


  • If wearing gloves (optional) put them on just before entering the vehicle and take off directly after exiting.
  • Hands still need to be washed and Sanitised.

5. The driving lesson itself


  • Visual aids/pens and other personal equipment should not be shared.
  • Wherever possible the Instructor will give notes or other learning materials digitally.
  • Face to face discussions will be avoided. Facing forward where possible.
  • Vehicle windows will be opened where possible for ventilation.
  • Parents, guardians or friends will not permitted to sit in the Vehicle.
  • If a demo drive/or taking action is required, the Instructor will wipe down controls before/after. The Instructor will remind the Client to wash hands immediately after the lesson.

6. After the lesson


  • The Instructor will wash clothes and any washable PPE as soon as they have finished work  for the day.
  • The Instructor will be mindful of how the vehicle is being used in-between lessons/after lessons.
  • Clients should inform the Instructor if they become unwell in between lessons or come into contact with anyone that is unwell.

7. Following up with the Client


  • In-between lessons the Instructor will call/text the Client if they believe they have come into contact with anyone displaying symptoms. Lessons will be suspended while the Instructor isolates if needed.
  • Clients should notify the Instructor if they have been in contact with anyone that is showing symptoms or has been doing so within the last 14 days, if so, lessons must be suspended.
  • The HSM 48 cancellation policy will not apply to Covid-19 related cancellations.